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our FULL MOON JOURNAL. The site will be under construction during  February 2000.  We include some excerpts from the printed versions of some of our other zines:  NIGHTSHADE, THE HAUNTED JOURNAL, REALM OF DARKNESS, and REALM OF THE VAMPIRE.  There is a recommended links list, too.  A list of our other websites (all of them include ezines) will be added to the list soon.  Plus there is a page for guidelines and information regarding small press.  We seek experienced and talented writers & artists for submissions for both the on-line and in-print versions.  Articles, commentary, reviews (books, zines, websites, films, music), interviews, poetry, fiction, artwork and photographs are included in every issue.  We publish occult and paranormal  topics or themes.  We particularly seek material regarding ghosts & haunted houses, witches & witchcraft, other various forms of magic, all things celtic, eastern religions, alternative medicine, plus more.  Since we are a small press publisher we operate on a shoe-string.  Currently we pay in copies only.  In the past, we paid a small fee for non-fiction and artwork .  We have always paid in copies only for poetry and fiction.  We will return to our old policy sometime in 2005. Contact us for guidelines or to send submissions at:  zinester@zworg.com   or   zinester@buzzle.com   Otherwise, to send submissions via regular mail let us know and we will furnish a mailing address.  Until sometime in 2005 we are only publishing online and no print issues are available.

We also publish in other genres (gothic-vampire, other horror, scifi/fantasy, mystery-- particularly Sherlock Holmes/Jack the Ripper/hard-boiled detective/film noir, western), plus literary, pop-culture (fringe, quirky, medley, retro), social commentary, historical, travel experiences, multi-cultural, celetic/Irish, Jewish, movie & tv nostalgia, writers & writing, publishers & publishing, art & artists.   We mainly publish zines, journals, newsletters, chapbooks, catalogues, and an occasional anthology or book.  If interested, email us for further information at:  zinester@buzzle.com  or send a S.A.S.E. to our mailing address (remember to inquire regarding our regular mailing address) regarding submissions.

Please note that these are OUR publications and we aren't infringing on anyone's copyright. We were granted permission to publish the submissions.  All copyright of submissions reverts to the creators once published. The graphics (and photos) included are copyright free clipart and from clipart website hosts who allow use of their work for anyone's website--a list of links to these clipart (plus photo) sites are available in our links section.  

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Be sure to visit us again.  If you enjoy our site or have any questions please contact us.  This website last updated: JANUARY 2006.     


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